little hurricane – Homewrecker (2011)


Spotify: little hurricane – Homewrecker

Hearya –

little hurricane are a two-piece that deliver a blues-based sound without pretense. You’ll find a dude named Tone on guitar and lead vocals and a spicy female drummer named C.C on drums and backing vocals.  It’s hard not to draw comparisons to The White Stripes with this formula. They even have a couple of a call and response tunes such as “Crocodile Tears” and the phenomenal closing tune, “Give Em Hell.”

Owl and Bear:

The similarities between Little Hurricane and The White Stripes are easy to spot and hard to ignore. Both are male/female blues-rock duos, and Catalano’s voice has that same choked power that gives Jack White’s delivery its visceral heft. But throughout Homewrecker, yet another point of comparison becomes apparent in Celeste Spina’s backups, which are sung with a ghostly airiness — first on the call and response of “Crocodile Tears” and then on the slow-burning “Shortbread” — that bears a striking resemblance to Meg White. In Little Hurricane’s live sets, Spina’s voice is barely audible above the crack of her drums, but on record the Meg-iness is unmistakeable.

The Owl Mag:

Most of the time, it’s hard to believe that a musical duo can pack as big of a punch, if not more, than a four or five-piece band. Sure, there are a few stand-out acts like The Black Keys, but the usual sentiment is that the more members, the fuller the sound. However, San Diego-based Little Hurricane is one of those stand-out acts. Made up of Anthony “Tone” Catalano and Celste “CC” Spina, this duo rocks hard. Tone is responsible for the gritty, blues-y guitar riffs, and CC backs him up on hard-hitting drums. Both share the vocals. Formed just a short time ago, Little Hurricane has won awards at the 2010 and 2011 San Diego Music Awards. In 2011, their debut album Homewrecker, was named Album of the Year.


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